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EMBER: STIM was born in the heat of your weakest moment. Imagined by the beads of sweat which extinguish the fire we set to ourself: EMBER: STIM is the most catalytic accelerant of all time.

Set fire to your metabolism with the SYNbiotic SYNergy™ of both isoSYN™ AND SYNapsis™: two trademarked ingredients that have became legendary due to their metabolism boosting properties. As the first brand to use them together, we can honestly say: this was the missing link.

We then combined CoLEAN™, DMAE, and DendRight™ to get you mentally tunneled on the goal at hand: following your diet. With some mild appetite-waning properties included on top of the focus? You will never lose sight of the finish line. 

Just this would have been enough to make EMBER unique and complete...but we don't settle for ENOUGH, do we? Not yet—we hit the throttle on your CNS one last time with a healthy dose of Caffeine, NeuroPEA, and Yohimbe

Now? It's time to burn brighter than we ever have. 


  • 30 Servings
  • Vegan
  • No Artificial Colors