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Avenger is the new standard in legal pro-hormone dietary supplements! Avenger was designed for those who want to add muscle quickly, effectively, but do not want the unnecessary water weight that comes with it and do not want their hormones left imbalanced afterwards.


Natural Testosterone levels peak in early adulthood and then slowly fall as you age, supplementing with a Testosterone booster can help improve muscle mass and recovery improving well-being, cognitive function and body composition

Packed with potent testosterone boosting precusors Bio Tech Avenger offers increased strength, growth and muscle hardening effects to your physisque in a short period of time. By inhibiting the synthesis of thromboxane A2 in activated plateletsincreases,serum levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 are significantly increased and promotes cyclic guanosine monophosphate and nitric oxide synthesis for imrpoved pumps in the gym. 

Arachidonic Acid 10%: Arachidonic Acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid is found in red meat. When combining with other testosterone boosting supplements promotes the repair and growth of skeletal muscle tissue via conversion to prostaglandin PGF2alpha during and following physical exercise. PGF2alpha promotes muscle protein synthesis by signaling through the Akt/mTOR pathway similar to Leucine.

With an added estrogen blocker, you'll experience a boost in testosterone. This is crucial when it comes to building muscle and strength. With more testosterone in the body, gaining mass becomes a whole lot easier. High estrogen related side effects include water retention (bloating), gyno, decreased sex drive and mood swings. Bio Tech Avenger ensures that you not only not experience these negative sides but also achieve a dryer, harder physique in the process. 

Avengers patented blend offers the beniefts of being a cortisol inhibitor. Cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands, and it’s a nasty steroid hormone that spikes when a person is stressed (physically and mentally), or when blood glucose drops. When cortisol rises it will do many negative things, including suppressing the body’s immune system, eating away at muscle, and storing fat. What’s more, it can cause fluctuations in allergies and inflammation in the body. 

Bio Tech Avenger is the next generation in high strength Testosterone boosters and sets the standard of a complete androgenic formula. 


Take two (2) Capsules in the morning every day.

Suggested use recommends two (2) bottles for a eight (8) week course before a PCT is needed. 

Bio Tech TRT is the complete PCT to complete the course.